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Greetings and Salutations Travelers!

Welcome to our new Dungeons & Dragons Podcast.

If you've played D&D before, this podcast is for you.

If you've been interested, but never played, this podcast is for you.

If you like silly, silly, silly jokes...this podcast is definitely for you.

If you hate games, and comedy, and fantasy, and the sound of human voices... probably steer clear.

Let's play D&D, roll for initiative.

Jan 30, 2018

If you are jumping in at episode 23, listen to this first for a quick catch up on what has happened up to this point.

Thanks for listening to Dice Paper Role - A Dungeons and Dragons Comedy Podcast!

Jan 27, 2018

Romfong Blimplenibbs speaks...
After 31 long years of wrongful imprisonment within the feared cells of LorgGol, this week Ms. Blimplenibbs was at last released. Romfong tells her brutal story in full for the first time, in this uncensored DPR exclusive. Also, there are loads of cats about at this time of year, what’s...

Jan 21, 2018

DPR brings you an exclusive preview of the long awaited 13th studio album of legendary experimental rockers Primus. ‘Sluice out the Turd’ is the album that barely got made, mainly due to the band’s crippling Pokémon Go addiction. Luckily for us, they didn’t understand micro transactions so they’ve had to down...

Jan 14, 2018

What’s the value of a true friend? This week on DPR we find out by selling our good mate Eamonn’s organs for bitcoin. Also Shanzelar Bansbury deprives herself of sleep for your entertainment, and for the first time on the airwaves we bring you a selection of cured meats.


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Jan 7, 2018

This week we bring you tales from the guards of R.H.E.E.M. Sgt. Brownlips and Constable Crumberstool are back and sweatier than ever as they go undercover with the Flushpumper gang, attempting to take down the notorious Biscuits Laxman and his daughter Phil.
We also hear from Captain Joe Scrampockets as she...