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Greetings and Salutations Travelers!

Welcome to our new Dungeons & Dragons Podcast.

If you've played D&D before, this podcast is for you.

If you've been interested, but never played, this podcast is for you.

If you like silly, silly, silly jokes...this podcast is definitely for you.

If you hate games, and comedy, and fantasy, and the sound of human voices... probably steer clear.

Let's play D&D, roll for initiative.

Sep 29, 2019

Well known inventor and stinky hermit Pendleton Cycleframe shows us his new handcrafted wooden masterpiece: the TwoWheel.

Peddleton tells us in excruciating detail how every single component was thought up, rejected, re-examined, re-rejected, re-re-examined,
accepted, carved, put into a cupboard, forgotten, rediscovered, and then polished.

This Soonday on: 60 Minutiae